The Coffee Quarter Café

About Us

The Coffee Quarter is a locally owned and operated business!!

We have taken our passion for coffee, along with our desire for a quality, family-friendly eatery (deli and gourmet pastries) and brought the concept into operation in a 2,400 sq. ft. location in San Souci Plaza.

            The Coffee Quarter’s objective is to provide the highest quality product, along with quality service and a moving atmosphere right here in southern Maryland.  Many of our products (Coffee, Monin Syrups, Pacific Chai, Home baked Deli Meats, Island Oasis Smoothies, etc.) received the Best-Tasting Product in America Awards from the American Tasting Institute (AMI).  These products were selected based on their all natural and nutritious qualities.  Our main focus here at the Coffee Quarter is quality, and we are determined to deliver it.

            Our focus is also on premium customer service.  We want you to have a pleasant experience from our friendly and courteous staff each and every time you visit us.  You will feel at home here, and be received by our staff in a respectful and courteous manner.  We appreciate your feedback on this matter because we take this very seriously.

            Last but certainly not least is integrity, which is also a big part of our business.  Integrity means honesty, honor, high standards, and doing the right thing amidst today’s environment where such attributes have eroded.  Our focus here is to exercise this quality in all that we do.  We also mentor our staff in these attributes as some of our young staff members are in preparation to become our future leaders in this great and wonderful country.

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